Thursday, March 31, 2005

The Muse Calls

The birds are in full voice in the woods surrounding my porch this morning. The purple wisteria and dogwood are in full bloom and a single yellow rose burst forth gloriously atop the one rose bush which withstood the hurricane last fall. A line of thunderstorms west portend a day of thunder and lightning but, for now and except for the birds, all's quiet on the Alabama front.

Perhaps it's the foreboding of impending thunderstorms which may or may not spawn hail or the fearful tornado...or the lack of hearing the first gobbler of spring as he glides down from his nightly perch high in the giant oaks...or perhaps it's just all of the mysteries of nature that impel me to put pen to paper as I spend another day delving into the mind and actions of Private Investigator Hamilton Shamrock as he winds his way through the murders, mayhem and myteries of the underbelly of the small city of Beauville, Illinois in the second of a series about the 'Broken City'. Adios amigos, the Muse is calling.


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