Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Notes on Blogdom

I went blog reading yesterday for most of the day and was rather astonished at how much disparity there was in the literacy of bloggers. Then again I suppose Blogdom has a rather large population. I was also amazed at the frequency of college student blogs. Mosy of them fell into the category of chic-lit as most of those blogs were done by inane college women--well, college girls would be a better fit. The few college male blogs were mostly rants, raves and bragging about partying, drinking, pot smoking, and sexual conquests. Most all showed a sad lack of rudimentary English--all combined it was mostly a waste of reading time. I've been a speed reader for many years and only three things slow me down: bad spelling; bad sentence structure; and a really literate piece of interesting writing. As a former columnist I learned early on that editing was a must (if you want people to at least have an idea about where you're coming from) but most bloggers hardly seem to be aware of this unless they are into wordsmithing and coveying their thoughts literally. Blathering seemed to mostly be the order of the day.

The religionist, secularist, athiest, and political wars also marched on (as they've been doing long before blogging). God and government pop up often and usually are just spurious opinions by closed minds.

In the comment section it's usually just rant, rave and sometimes sensible advice or accolades on the blog itself. On the really good, literate essays I couldn't help but wonder why the writer wasn't working on a novel.

I don't plan on many other forays into the blogging jungle but I do plan on visiting a few of them again and throw others I find literarily interesting into my links.


Blogger Ortner said...

You're language amaze me. Tho I'm a Sweed my English very unstable because of teachers that learn us British-English and American-English.
I'll hope you will visit my blog again.

I've got a lot to tell the world.

"The darkside of the moon"

2:28 AM  
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