Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Flat Tax or Added Value Tax

Everytime the flat tax or added value tax is brought up before congress, the bills are defeated. Why? Because the flat tax and/or the added value tax is based on common sense which just doesn't exist anymore in the halls of congress.
Unlike the convoluted, cumbersome and nearly incomprehensible federal tax system now in place which favors the rich, collects little from corporations, creates illusions for the working poor and rapes the middle incomers, a flat or added value tax would eventually erase the national debt, make the filing process a simple one, two, three and accomplish the task of having everyone paying his fair share. And fair is one word that scares hell out of corporations.

The law of bankruptcy is simple: When you spend more than you take in you will eventually go bankrupt. Our government obviously ignores this premise on a grand scale. Robbing Peter to pay Paul is not the way out because you can no long rob Peter when he has nothing to rob him of.

The government spends a lot of time assuring us that the ups and downs of our national budget are always temporary and, since the Great Depression the stock market has built in safety measures to prevent such a crash. I would bet you one of my tax dollars they could be wrong.


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