Monday, September 05, 2005

Addressing Survival

Our nation has two generations wherein the majority of them have no idea of what to do to personally survive a disaster. Why is that? Because our school systems simply have no courses that teach survival skills. How many people could have survived New Orleans if they'd been survival educated? How many do you think knew what a dehydrater is and how easy it is to build out of simple materials most of us have in our own home? Drinking water, the one element humans can't live without, can be dehydrated out of salt water and dirty water can be purified by anyone if they have the knowledge...and it doesn't take twelve glasses of water a day to keep the human body alive.

Popular television shows like 'Survivor' do not teach basic survivor skills. These shows are nothing but a product of the entertainment industry, and folks, it's just a contest with a big prize for the winner. 'Roughing it' on some island with a production crew off-camera and the choice to walk away just doen't relate to a real survival situation.

The educational system needs to make it mandatory to have survival classes. There would then be more real survivors in any disaster, be it lost in the woods or surviving major disasters like Hurricane Katrina--if you weather the storm then you can weather the aftermath, if you have been taught survival skills.


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Blogger Abeni said...

The spammers have found your blog.Point taken re survival skills.I remember a few yrs back a lady was telling me our schools emphasise certification and teach us nothing in the way of survival/life skills.

2:42 AM  
Blogger Kenny said...

In normal circumstances, we don't have to learn survival skill as extreme as those needed in New Orleans, BUT, California teaches what to do in case of an earthquake. In Florida, they teach what to do in case of a hurricane. Here in Alabama, they have tornado drills. Each region has its own chance of a natural disaster, but Katrina was beyond anyone's belief.

BUT to answer your question about teaching survival skill, your local Red Cross, I'm sure, teaches what to do in certain situations.

8:37 AM  
Blogger mojoala said...

that is one of benefits of being ex-military. I have survival skills. I know I can eat maggots and coackroaches if the need arises....

6:19 AM  
Blogger Wheeli said...

You commented on my blog that I got nothing right but my profile, I don't know how what I said is different than what you said here. I think people need to learn to fend for themselves, and not have to depend on the governemnt, or anyone else. They need to do whatever it takes to survive.

8:38 PM  
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