Thursday, July 21, 2005

Pondering the 'School Supply List'

When I started school in nineteen-forty-seven, my 'School Supply List' was one box of eight basic color crayons, a 'Big Chief' writing tablet, and a sack lunch. Three decades later, when my own children began school, Pla Doh, pencils, and tennis shoes (for gym class) had been added to the 'School Supply List'. Last week my daughter brought home her first child's list and (except for the basic eight box of crayons and Pla Doh) it looked like a list for the Janitor supply room.
Herewith is the 'School Supply List': One package of brown paper bags (sans lunch packed in one)-- 4 antibacterial wet wipes for hands (do they come individually packaged?)-- a box of Mr. Clean magic eraser (a new one on me, what does it erase, Magicans?)-- plain pocket folders (doesn't say how many but, in boldface it does say 'PLEASE DO NOT PUT NAMES ON FOLDERS')-- a bottle of dishwasing liquid-- three Clorox antibacterial wipes (I assume these are also individually packaged)-- two packages of napkins-- three bottles of antibacterial soft soap-- two large boxes of Kleenex-- one box of Crayola washable markers-- two boxes each of quart size and gallon size Ziplock bags-- two reams of copying paper (noted after this 'for Journal writing'...???Are these kindergarteners keeping journels, they must teach writing mighty fast)-- two cans of Lysol spray (noted after this, MAKE SURE THE CAN SAYS IT WILL KILL 99% OF BACTERIA AND GERMS)-- three rolls of paper towels-- one box of 13 gallon tall kitchen garbage bags-- and lastly, two bottles of PineSol.
The only thing missing was toilet paper but a neighbor said her kids list also included a 32-roll package of toilet paper. Both lists are for K-4.
The school also requires uniforms which will damage my daughter's budget considerably...if she has anything left at all after filling the 'School Supply List'.

Well, I ponder, what is going on over at that school? If this list is any example, it looks like they're expecting a major illness epidemic or a biological terrorist attact or somebody has a horrible paranoia about germs...and with twenty-six kids in my grandsons class, they'll have enough PineSol (after mixing fifty two bottles with water, enough to have over a thousand gallons of solution) to wash the whole room down daily during the school year!

This 'List' is just plain ludicrous and demands an explanation, so, after school begins, Grandpa will make a visit to the classroom just to see how all of these unusual (and expensive--note the name brands) are being put to use. I once taught so I do have a practised eye and I do expect a certain amount of being dumbfounded, just as I was when I first read over this insane list...I'll report my findings in a few weeks.


Blogger mojoala said...

I went 10 years of that, year before last was the last for me. My youngest is in High School now.

The list is overkill. It provides for the poor kids that cannot get all the stuff required, hence "do not put name on it"

All of the other luxury items keep the school having to buy it and as a result keeping school costs down.

6:55 AM  
Blogger homelessthoughts said...

yes, your tax dollars are not enough.

I get very angry at our supply lists. Wait until the hundred and thirty dollar calculator for middle school shows up (A different and equally expensive one is required for high school). At least a calculator is educational. The "janitor" stuff is a real kicker.

They just keep cutting school programs and tacking on more supplies for the families to buy...

We have no driver education and *four* principles at our high school (not even a super large high school).

1:48 PM  
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