Wednesday, September 14, 2005

An Analogy to Ponder

Our nation is set up like a highrise building: The top two floors contain the luxurious offices of financiers and big corporate offices, CEO's of oil companies, Big Media, and large land owners. The five or six floors below them are the offices of the 'climbers': lawyers, doctors, bankers, mortgage holders, etc. (the moderately rich). On the next few floors, down to the 71st floor, are management level offices who follow orders sent down from the floors above: the stockbrokers, accountants, and other hands on folks scrambling for the upper floors. The 70th floor is a conglomeration of hundred-dollar-a-plate restaurants, high fashion clothiers, high-priced gifts and high-priced jewelers, catering to the wealth on the floors above. From the sixty-ninth floor down to the 2nd floor are the folks who maintain the highrise: the janitors, maids, hard maintenance and other general laborers who make from a barely livable wage to what goverment erroneously calls the middle-incomer. Some have amenities like health insurance and a very few of the unusally thrifty have 401k's and IRA accounts. They all have multiple credit cards (the modern day equivlicant of the old company store chits) that keep ninety-nine percent of them in debt up to their neck...and they are unaware that 'usury' is no longer an acceptable word by the government and, most especially, in financial circles of power.
The first floor of the highrise contains a shopping mall interspersed with fast food eateries for the folks on the second to sixty-ninth floor, where they eat and spend the rest of their lunch hour (or hiding from the boss time) buying junk they don't need with their plastic money.
The first floor is surrounded by plate glass windows and covers a square block. Everyday, especially at breakfast and lunch, people pass by and look hungrily in, wishing and wondering why they can't get in through the locked doors. The building contains twenty-thousand people.
The passerbys number in the hundreds of thousands-- they are the poor. The upper top floors have no interest in seeing them as they are simply a waiting labor pool to draw on when the people working inside the building demand better wages. There has never been, and probably never will be, any other connection between them. What a wonderful government our forefathers established.


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What a great analogy....

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hey, he has several blogs. Maybe it was a refresh issue.

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I must be on the second floor....

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