Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Definitions to ponder over...

conservative: one step forward, two steps back

liberal: two steps forward, one step back

progressive republican: misnomer

opinion: a conclusion drawn with or without facts in evidence

parable: language device used for leaving interpretation up to the reader

constitution: document expressing the prime laws of a nation

bill of rights: guarantees under constitutional law

congressional committee: ship of fools

white trash: words describing how most elected officials feel about the voting public

supreme court: a collection of judges appointed to uphold the tenets of the constitution

filibuster: a necessary tool to restrain majority rule

science: the application of investigative results, experimentation and testing to prove theory

secularist: one who believes that religion and government should positively remain seperate

pork barrel: the hidden agenda of an elected representative in order to insure his reelection

totalitarianism: when government steps over constitutional boundries

quiet revolution: when the people use the power of the ballot box to form a new government
that governs solely under the tenets of the constitution


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