Thursday, August 16, 2007

Short Stories and other N.P.T. projects

Now that book one, Broken City, is done and in publication, I've decided to post my N.P.T. (non-productive time) projects and other nonsense things here (including my political plays). The main reason for this is they seem to draw more comments (especially the "God calls.." stuff).
Although the "God calls..." require more work, I have such fun with them that I still have to call them N.P.T. pieces. I already have the next one in mind but am waiting for the elephants and donkeys to shape up their brain clay enough to figure out who (whom) they want to put at the head of their respective herds.

Politically, right now, my thoughts are on September when we get an 'informed' opinion on whether the surge is working in Iraq. My son is heading for his third trip there in October so...guess what I want to hear from the dunderheads in Washingmachine City. But the way things are heating up (take that as cooking to boiling) my money is we're heading for a border quite soon NOT bearing suitcases.


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