Tuesday, June 07, 2005

The Meaning of One

In the scheme of things we sometimes lose sight of the meaning of 'one'. For instance, we pride ourselves on being a nation with 'one' constitution and we elect 'one' man every four years to speak for us and, hopefully, to uphold and follow constitutional law.

You only have 'one' father and 'one' mother.

You only have 'one' brain to process the reality of your circumstances, form your values with and direct your life.

As far as we know right now, our universe has only 'one' planet that can sustain our form of life.

There is only 'one' species of animal life called man and you are 'one' of that species.

War is the 'one' thing the species of man always resorts to when one nation decides to interfere or direct the actions of another and it still only takes 'one' bullet to put an end to 'one' life.

Diplomacy is still the 'one' thing man fails to recognize as the viable alternative to war and negoitation the 'one' main tool of diplomacy.

The computer and the rapid expansion of technology will be the 'one' tool to lead us to a one world government, hopefully not of a totalitarian nature.

Their is only 'one' sun and when it burns out the 'one' small planet we live on will cease to exist.

There is only 'one' certainy about death and and if you fear it, it means--for whatever reason or reasons-- you have lived a life closed to discovery of self.

Whether you are a product of evolution or creatinism, you only have 'one' life-- live it by concentrating on possibilities; probabilities will leave you brain dead.


Blogger homelessthoughts said...

Probablity is where the fear lives.

Just popping over tho say thanks for the encouragement on my blog.

Nice essay on one. I should tape that last line to my fridge.

7:27 AM  
Blogger homelessthoughts said...

"probability" and "to"

Perhaps I should start using that preview button.

7:32 AM  
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