Sunday, January 15, 2006

Flash Fiction Friday #22

I found this...well, I would call it a writer's break spot and thought I'd just do the first thing that popped into my head. You can find the rules at Purgatorian.blogspot.

This is probably going to be so bad, I'll leave it untitled.

The mourners arrived just in time dressed as clowns except for the girlfriend of the deceased Senator, a belly dancer known as Shimmy-Shimmy Simone. The Senator, a tall but rotund three hundred fifty pounds of rummy flesh (Bacardi and coke had been his lifelong companion) was laid out in an oversized coffin designed with a flat lid so that Shimmy-Shimmy Simone could do one final belly dance on top of the thing. It was the Senator's last stated wish, made to his only remaining family member, his son, who was a successful gay porno producer living among the artsy crowd of San Francisco.
And so the clowns cavorted, Shimmy-Shimmy Simone danced atop the coffin and then, as they lowered the huge coffin into the ground, it seemed to shake and someone in the crowd swore they heard a muffled, "I'll second that!" emit from the closed coffin. The preacher doing the final stuff (and already mortified by such shenanigans) had them stop lowering the coffin and he opened the lid. The Senator, still apparently very much dead, had a lecherous grin which wasn't there when the lid had first been closed, so the preacher dropped the lid shut on the ludicrous face and the coffin was lowered to the bottom of the grave and covered. The moral of this tale? Absolutely none.


Blogger mikeflynn7895 said...

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9:45 PM  
Blogger mojoala said...

My own blog will be changing in format. I will be going in a more spiritual manner of things. Some incidents during the Christmas holidays have changed me in a manner that I can no longer continue as I have blogged in the past. Some blogs I use to visit I will no longer visit because of their content. I spend more of my time at in the forums there under the username "JoeyWarren". I ask questions and I give answers to Protestants that visit there to ask question. I moving on toward the path of being a "Catholic Apologist". Small clue as to why: I was informed by my Father and Step-mother that they did not recognize my family as Christians because my membership in the Catholic Church, they are actually convinced that Catholics are pagan if not Satanic.
For those of you that I don't visit anymore, forgive me, but I must do what I must do.

6:49 AM  
Blogger porchwise said...

Went on Catholic but their search engine didn't bring "JoeyWarren" up. Couldnt email you or comment on your last post as your blocked (stacked at line 54). Anyway, I'll be going back to Catholic once in a while just to see what you're up to. Have them put your writing in the search engine. Good luck and happy Catholicism (did I just make that up? or is there such a word?) Just thinking aloud.

8:24 AM  
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