Saturday, June 11, 2005

On Guard

About a hundred miles south of my woods lies Mobile Bay. In a few hours tropical storm Arlene will move inland there but, unlike last falls hurricane Ivan, she'll give us a much gentler slap. It's going to be mostly rain. The biggest threat to my area will be occasional flooding and the chance of a tornado or two. About the only thing I'll be on guard for is a leaky roof but my abode lost nary a shingle during Ivan's onslaught of hundred mile an hour winds.

Speaking of on guard, there was nothing surprising about General Powell's appearance on the Daily show this week. Powell did a good job of staying on guard against John Stewarts somewhat lame questioning. In fact, Powell took the offense throughout most of the interview, especially when Stewart tried to corner him about the infamous 'Weapons of Mass Destruction'. Powell ducked and countered back with a nonapologetic speech about how the President had many 'good old boys' meetings and how he called upon the United Nations to join together to defeat the 'Forces of Evil' in Iraq. I don't remember it at all like that-- paramount in my memory is Dubya telling the UN to basically kiss his tooty. I remember thinking how totalitarian it struck me at the time-- still does, actually.

From my conversations with my Republican neighbors (me being about the only known Democrat around here) I glean a very disheartened view of the voters (serves them right) and I think the conservative party is now just a train wreck waiting to happen-- and it probably will in the 2008 election.

I listened to Henhouse Hennity on the way back from town yesterday ranting about Howard Dean--how Dean owes everyone in the world an apology for letting his mouth overload his ass (talk about the pot calling the kettle black!) but, jeez, hasn't Dubya been doing that all along? Although it's probably his speech writers who are really to blame as poor old Dubya is usually too busy concentrating on his next move to strengthen his Empire.

To me, Howard Dean plays political hardball and nothing shakes up the ultra-right like a politician who speaks his own mind...remember Harry Truman? Don't get me wrong--I don't think you can compare Dean to Truman but he does have the Trumanesque habit of overloading his potshot gun and this might just be the key to strengthening the Democratic party (someone with guts to stand up for his beliefs) and might even be enough to win the election in 2008, no matter who gets the nomination...and those who understimate Hillary Clinton's political acumen might just be making a big mistake. A woman President? Could very well happen as Americans are just tired of going to war and protectionism, especially with the terrorist threat, is eventually going to sway a lot of voters away from over-eager politicians intent on foisting our ideas of democracy on the world.


Blogger Trenton said...

Hey, thanks for the encouraging comment, man. You sound like you know what you're talking about. Something not many in this country can do today.

3:33 PM  
Blogger mojoala said...


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Blogger porchwise said...

Actually, I like Jon Stewart and the daily show, especially when he swings far left, which he sometimes does unintentionally (I could be wrong about that). I think he was just having a bad day.

1:05 PM  
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