Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Bound to Happen

I turned on the boob tube Sunday to catch the last hour of golf--Tiger trailed Furak but never caught him. One of the commercial breaks had a promo for the fall season called the E-Ring. I would say Gollywood has gone bonkers on this one as the premise is the military questing to find a villan who supposedly stole the 'Holy Grail Microchip'. Makes me wonder if they got the idea from a blog I posted a while back called 'God talks to Peter' wherein God's computer crashed. E-ring, I would say, especially in this era of evanglecal fervor, is probably destined for cancellation.


Chris Rose (who writes for Newhouse News Service) caught up with the old slicker, Mickey Rooney aboard the Mississippi Queen. The old trooper has a touring show called 'Let's put on a Show!"--a famous line from his movie career as the Hardy boy in the forties (maybe earlier, I can't recall offhand) which also featured a very young Judy Garland. When Chris Rose asked about the 'Tom and Katie' media blitz, Rooney replied, 'That's the publicists and the media and thank God for it because that's what we live on.' Well, I would say, that and self-agrandizement which Mickey Rooney was always master of.


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